Ask a Local Hero to Plan Your Visit Booster Lab – Barcelona begins tomorrow! Tonight, participants and mentors start to gather in the hotel and prepare for the big weekend ahead.

Today, we introduce you to tripUniq, a Barcelona based startup! While tripUniq was founded in Barcelona just this past February, the app and guide marketplace is already available in 80+ destinations. TripUniq virtualises the experience of a local giving you a quick, hand drawn map of all of their favorite places, local secrets, and off the beaten track treasures not to be missed. It is a platform for their 1000 ‘Local Heroes’ to complete orders from travellers, providing customised guides by the day in many popular destinations. In addition to their Local Heroes, they have 5500 users and have delivered 2000 tailored travel guides with an average rating of 4.7/5.

We spoke to Charles, founder & CEO of tripUniq and established entrepreneur, on the inspiration behind tripUniq, how it works and the ways it impacts the tourism industry. This is what he said:


What triggered you to start TripUniq?

We started tripUniq because we detected an unsolved need in the traveller’s experience to be able to connect to the locals. As passionate travellers, we experienced this gap, and also read about it in Barcelona visitors’ blogs requesting help to plan their stay. After doing market research, we confirmed that there was space for this new trend as well as some interesting opportunities for partnerships!


What is TripUniq and what is its impact on the travel industry?

TripUniq is a tailored travel planning service made by locals. Nowadays, planning a stay is long and difficult for a traveller due to his lack of local knowledge. We believe that someone living in the city can do it faster and better, which is why tripUniq connects travellers with Local Heroes. We match travellers with compatible Local Heroes who will create tailored travel guides for the stay using tripUniq’s Travel Guide Editor and send it through the app. Every tailored guide includes an itinerary, daily maps, points of interest, general information, local tips, food suggestions and local events taking place during the stay. All the maps, images and information are available offline.

Our Local Heroes help travellers to discover the local side of the city and in doing so, they are sending travellers to less crowded areas. On a larger scale they can help redistribute tourism in the city and decongest the main tourist hubs. Additionally, our Local Heroes are locals living in those cities. We allow them to benefit from tourism and earn money by helping tourists to plan their stay.


What recent milestones are you most proud of?

With a small team we've already sold more than 2000 travel guides in more than 80 cities. Our 4.7/5 average review rate and our repeat sales (20% of our sales are from repeat customers)  show that our users love us. Finally, we won the Travel Assistant Challenge of Air France - KLM and we've started to sell our services to their customers with great results.


What are you excited to get out of the Booster Lab?

Just by being part of the programme we would obtain visibility among the industry stakeholders. In addition, simply being selected by brings us notoriety. We are also excited for the mentorship and grant opportunity. Meeting and networking with travel industry experts is also a great opportunity to learn and accelerate our growth!


We’re delighted to be in the city that tripUniq began to kick-off our first Booster Lab! Yesterday we introduced you to the Outdoor Journal & Voyage. Tomorrow morning, we post the final startup story and in the evening will put a face to all the names with their intro videos. Stay tuned.

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