Booster Lab Barcelona - the Results

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the end of the first ever Booster Lab in Barcelona. It was a weekend full of passion, inspiration, energy and hard work.

Read some of the the highlights here.

The Results


Jury member and Regional Hotels Manager, Mireia, arrived to the stage to announce the jury’s difficult decision.  Nexto received their full scaling funding needs and were granted €25,000. CloudGuide and the Outdoor Journal & Voyage received the second largest grants of €20,000. TripUniq received a grant of €15,000 and both Xmigrations and Alternative Athens were awarded grants of €10,000.

Pioneers Discover presented startup subcultours and STUDIOMAPP with tickets to Pioneers’18 hosted in Vienna in May, another great networking, learning, and growth opportunity.

The other startups don’t go away empty handed - they each received vouchers towards accommodations.


This is only the beginning

All 11 startups will continue working with their mentors for the next 6 months and will have the ability to submit volunteer projects and tasks for our Volunteer Programme. Booking Cares is eager to carry on these relationships and continue boosting the impact and scaling endeavors of each of these startups.

We are proud of this first ever Booster Lab and all of the participants we have had. It’s been a great learning experience for the startups but, of course, also for us. Our next Booster Lab will be held in Tel Aviv from March 1 - 3 and applications launch December 11. We look forward to taking the feedback and insights gained in these days in Barcelona to Tel Aviv and the future Booster Labs.

We’ll keep posting updates and impact of these 11 great social enterprises, as well as updates on our department and its growth.