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STUDIOMAPP, the next startup to join our Booster Lab this Friday in Barcelona, has big names backing them - the European Commission, European Space Agency, Italian Space Agency, Microsoft, Intesa Sanpaolo, and Climate-KIC. They are developing Qirate, the location intelligence service rating liveability of a location and map generator. Unlike other livability rating companies, STUDIOMAPP focuses on a street level, using data and geospatial analysis to map out quality of life. Using indicators based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Qirate will help travellers find the best places to stay according to livability factors that can make or a break an experience.

We spoke to Leonardo, co-founder of STUDIOMAPP and participant in this weekend’s Booster Lab. He gave us some insight, background, and goals for STUDIOMAPP. Here’s what he said:


What triggered you to start STUDIOMAPP?

We are passionate travellers. When we became parents we tried to travel as much as possible with the kids. However, when booking accommodations we realised that we were spending too much time finding out if a location would meet our needs in terms of cultural attractions, services, transportation, and shopping facilities, but also other important factors that were not as commonly reported on, like playgrounds, air quality, safety, and bike friendliness. This was so time consuming and frustrating... It was obvious that comparing prices and quality of services was easy to do, but somehow rating the ‘quality of life’ of a location was rather impossible to do simply. So we started collecting data, even from space, and we fell in love with geospatial analysis... this is where our story begins!


What is STUDIOMAPP and what is its impact on the travel industry?

We are the provider of Qirate, a location intelligence service for tourism aiming at a global scale. We are alchemists of geo-located information transforming raw data coming from different sources into precious insights for travellers. At the same time we enhance appeal of locations and accommodations using quality of life ratings (10+ indicators inspired by the UN Sustainable development goals) at street level.

The name Qirate comes from قيراط, qīrāṭ, carat, the unit of measure of precious stones and metals. The logo depicts a valuable diamond whose facets represent the streets and neighborhoods. Qirate helps travellers finding the best place to stay according to their needs, filling the gap of location evaluation and comparison.

Qirate will also collect data working with local stakeholders and residents and aggregate public and private datasets to measure economic value and quality of life. We have also started to work with the support of the European Space Agency and NVIDIA to develop artificial intelligence algorithms to measure the impact of touristic flows on the ecosystem.


What recent milestones are you most proud of?

We have been recently awarded by Airbus, the global leader in aeronautics, space and related services, as one of the top 5 startups in the world for geo-intelligence. We are also proudly supported by the European Space Agency through its Business Innovation Center in Rome to develop Deep Learning analysis of satellite data to monitor the continuously changing urban and natural environment. We are also supported by Climate KIC, Europe's largest public-private partnership focused on innovation and sustainable development.


Why did you want to join the Booking Booster Lab in Barcelona?

The Lisbon experimentation we are developing in these months is a perfect fit for the Booster Labs to enhance the impact of what we are doing and help us to scale. We believe this could be an incredible opportunity to share ideas both during the Booster and the mentoring with Booking experts to improve and refine our business model and support our quality of life rating. This is the real kind of support we are looking for. We are genuinely committed and actively working to find ways to improve the quality of life through a sustainable approach for tourism and our objective is to enable other ventures and entities to grow thanks to our future contribution.


We can't wait for Friday when the Booking Booster Lab - Barcelona kicks off with STUDIOMAPP and the other 10 fantastic startups we have joining us. Take a look back at last week's post on One Planet Rating and stay tuned the rest of the week for the upcoming startup stories.

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