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What's the programme?

The Booking Booster is a three-week accelerator and mentorship programme for scale-ups, culminating in an opportunity to pitch for grants of up to €500,000.

With this programme, we want to help make sure that tourism is a force for good by supporting a select group of extraordinary scale-ups as they seek to grow their business and impact globally, thus working together toward a more sustainable future for the global tourism industry.



we support

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We're supporting ambitious scale-ups...

... that use their business as a means to improve destinations around the world. Through our Booking.com Booster Programme, we identify and empower scale-ups that help relieve pressure on overcrowded tourist areas, businesses that positively impact the environment and social ventures that are supporting local communities in the tourism industry.


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The programme.

Successful applicants will be invited to our three-week Booking.com Booster Programme. If selected, they’ll have a chance to pitch for grants of up to €500,000, receive mentorship to help guide the growth and development of their business, and become part of a network of organisations working to make the travel industry more sustainable.


Booster Programme

Between eight and twelve startups will be selected to spend three weeks at Booking.com headquarters in Amsterdam in May 2018. Two representatives per startup will have the opportunity to learn about scaling their business, growing and measuring their positive impact, organisational growth, marketing, technology, investing, financial practices and more.

Financial Support

Startups that are invited to participate in the programme must demonstrate that they are ready to scale their businesses and to have a positive impact on multiple destinations. At the end of the three-week programme in Amsterdam, they will have the opportunity to pitch their scaling plan to our judges and ask for a grant of anywhere between €100,000 and €500,000 to execute their plan. Read more in the Terms & Conditions.


Booking.com experts will be available to mentor startups in executing their scaling plan. Mentorship will be available for six to nine months, starting during the three-week Booster programme in Amsterdam.






& connect

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What you can expect.

The Booster Programme has been designed by Booking.com in collaboration with sustainable tourism and business growth experts. The programme is filled with insightful workshops, opportunities for personal growth and of course, time to connect.  



During the three-week programme, Booking.com mentors and experts on sustainable tourism and scaling will share their knowledge on strategy, impact measurement, organisational growth, finance, investment, marketing and more.


Booking Booster is all about growth! While you’ll start working on your scaling plan to expand your business and impact during the first week, this programme is also about personal growth. There will be personal development workshops that help you advance as an entrepreneur and as a leader.


Besides spending time and networking with other inspiring scale-ups, you’ll meet your mentors, as well as experts from Booking.com, the wider sustainable tourism industry and beyond.




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Pitch your scaling plan

At the end of the three-week Booster Programme, in front of a live audience of Booking.com experts, entrepreneurs and changemakers, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your scaling plan to our panel of judges. They will then decide how the grants of up to €500,000 are awarded.




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Applications are now closed. 

Sorry you've missed our deadline! Stay up to date on our website for information on any future rounds and sign up for our mailing list via the contact page. We'll be in touch!



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